Adult Art Rules for 2023

Adult Art Rules for 2023

Please read all the rules BEFORE entering artwork.

1. All submitted artwork MUST be the original work of the exhibitor.
2. Only one entry is allowed per person for each category.
3. Each entry must be numbered and tagged with the artist’s name at check-in.
4. All artwork and photography must be matted prior to arriving for check-in. Matting helps to accurately display and protect the artwork. No artwork will be accepted without matting.
5. Canvas artwork does not require matting.
6. All matted artwork and photography must be no smaller than a 5X7. Any artwork smaller will not be accepted due to display spacing per category.
7. No glass, wood, metal, or Plexiglas framing will be accepted (matted only).
8. No paint-by-numbers or similar works will be accepted.
9. Three-dimensional works of art may include sculpture, pottery, masks, abstract or other freestanding forms, but no glass objects are allowed.
Individual Category Prize Award:

  • 1st Blue Ribbon = $3
  • 2nd Red Ribbon = $2
  • 3rd White Ribbon = $1

Adult Categories:
Oil & Acrylic:

  • A. Animal
  • B. Still Life or Flowers
  • C. Landscape or Seascape
  • D. All Other


  • A. All Forms


  • A. All Forms

Mixed Media:

  • A. All Forms

Pencil, Pen & Ink, and Charcoal:

  • A. Animal
  • B. Human Form or Portrait
  • C. All Other

Photography (Black & White):

  • A. Animal
  • B. Human Form & Portrait
  • C. Landscape or Seascape
  • D. Digitally Altered
  • E. All Other

Photography (Color):

  • A. Dogs
  • B. Cats
  • C. Horses
  • D. Insects
  • E. All Other Animals
  • F. Flowers
  • G. Still Life
  • H. Seascape
  • I. Landscape
  • J. Human Form or Portrait
  • K. Digitally Altered
  • L. All Other

Three Dimensional Forms: (saws, sculpture, mask, pottery, etc.

  • A. All Forms

Best In Show Elementary School: Rosette
Best In Show High School: Rosette
Best In Show Class Project: Rosette
Rosette = $5

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