Draft Horse Pulling Contest

7 PM Pulling Classes

  1. Light Weight Pulling Horses
  2. Heavy Weight Pulling Horses

Prize Monies:

1st-$500, 2nd-$400, 3rd-$350, 4th-$300, 5th-$250,
6th-$200, 7th-$150, 8th-$100 9th-$100, 10th-$100
A minimun of $50 paid to any participating team.

No Entry Fee


  1. Pulling distance shall be 27 1/2 feet.
  2. Width of the pulling area shall be 20 ft.
  3. No more than four persons shall be allowed with each team.
  4. Drivers shall have the choice of either riding or walking. However, if walking the driver must stay behind the doubletree.
  5. Drivers shall not be changed unless injury or sickness occurs. Changes are subject to approval by the judge.
  6. Three pulls shall be allowed for each weight.
  7. Drivers shall have three minutes to hook to the sled after being called to do so.
  8. Three succeeding attempts to hook to the sled shall constitute a pull.
  9. A pull shall be counted when the driver gives his horse the signal to pull.
  10. The team with the longest distance shall not return to pull until his distance is exceeded. At this time he shall return and pull immediately.
  11.  If a tie occurs the team with the second longest distance shall be placed above the other team.
  12. Breakage of harness or equipment will constitute a pull with the distance being credited to the team. Five minutes shall be allowed for repair, with the team remaining in the pulling area.
  13. Hitching with cross tugs is prohibited.
  14. Teams may be tied together with check lines only.
  15. Bridles may be either open faced or with blinds, however, no change may be made after the contest starts.
  16. Any mistreatment of animals will not be allowed. Any team may be disqualified by the judge for infraction of this rule.
  17. Any team too rank or excited that the judge feels may endanger other teams, drivers, or spectators, may be excused from the pulling area by the judge.
  18. Any team getting free from the handlers will be disqualified from the contest.
  19. Any team suspected of drug usage will be turned over to the Humane Society for disciplinary action.
  20. The judge’s decision will be final.
  21. Twelve month negative coggins required.