2023 Committee Chairmen

Advertisement Distribution: Doro Martin

Antique Tractor Pull: Justin Adams

Baby Crawl/Toddler Stickhorse: Jackie and Jeanne Hubbard

Chair Rental:  Doris Hall

Classroom Day: Kayla Reynolds

Commercial Exhibits: Darlene Austin

Concessions/Outside Exhibits: Angie Gibson

Cookbook: Ann Taylor

Demolition Derby: Will Stamper

Draft Horse Pull: Bobby Vencill, Jessica Vencill & Bryan Vencill

EMS: Doro Martin

Entertainment: Roger Hubbard, Linda Hubbard ,Thomas Taylor, Kim Brown

Facebook: Jeanne Hubbard/Angie Gibson/Doro Martin

Facebook (Livestock): Machele May

Fairgrounds Office: Mike Altizer

First Aid/RCMC Liason: Susan M Hilton

Gates: Bee Stuart

Gates (Exit): Jon Blevins

General Store: Nancy & Ernie Perkins

Great Raffle: Josh Combs

Ground Clean Crew: Farrell Owens

Grounds Decorations: Sam & Robin Blevins

Grounds Maintenance: Mike Hamilton

Home Economics/Agriculture Exhibits: Robert Farmer, Jeanette Farmer Art-Jayne Bowens

Horseless Cowboy Contest: William Monk

Horse Show Committee:  Cookie, Faye, Tracy, AJ, Michael, Doro, Donna, Carley, Kim, Bryan

Horseshoe Pitching: Mike Altizer, Josh Castle and Becky Keen

Livestock: Bruce Warner Co-Chairmen: Robbie Kiser and Gerald Justice

Marketing: Doro Martin

Miss Russell County Fair Pageant: Whitney Phillips & Maddie Marchant

Old-Time Exhibits: Bill & Teresa Vicars

Ole McDonalds Farm: Sarah Blevins & Ellen Brown

Parking: Farrell Owens

Pet Show: Margaret Rucker/Ruth Johnson

Photography: Patsy Phillips, Kim Brown

Pie Eating Contest: Rebecca Keen

Ranch Rodeo: Chad Lampkin

Rodeo: Howard Jessee and Gunner Jessee

Safety Officer: Farrell Owens

Scarecrow Competition: Robin Blevins

Season Tickets/Passes: John Michael McCoy

Senior Citizen Day: Appalachian Agency for Senior Citizens-Amanda Price

School Day: Shelia Adams

Scarecrow Competition: Robin Blevins

Side By Side Drag Race: Roger Hubbard

Signs/Banners/Picnic Tables: Farrell Owens

Special Needs Day: Kelsey King

Stable Manager: Carley Morgan

Strongest Farm Hand Competition: Brad Carpenter

Tough Truck Pull: Rick  Carpenter and Roger & Linda Hubbard

Website: Ethan Collins

Youth Tractor Driving Contest: William Monk

Veterans Day: Doro Martin

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