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Horse Pull

September 8, 2023 @ 7:00 pm


1. All horses will need a negative coggins within past 12 months and all out of state horses must have a health paper dated within 30 days.

2. All light weight teams will be weighed in at 3400lbs. The horses that are weighed together must be pulled together. An official will hold horses while the horses are being weighed. The team must be present at scales at same time. Once the team qualifies for the light weight class, each horse will have their hooves marked for verification. Horses must have on a halter and lead rope or weighing halter that is safe and secure for holding horses. Halters, lead ropes and weighing halters may not be made of string or baling twine.

3. Pulling distance is a continuous forward movement of 27 feet 6 inches in one pull.

4. Width of the pulling area will be 20 feet. Each end of the track will be marked for change of direction. If while hooked to the sled, a horse steps on or over the line, pull will be disqualified.

5. No bumping of the sled. If your team bumps or continually bumps the sled resulting in a movement of twelve inches or more before being called on, it will be counted as a pull.

6. Order of pulling will be as follows. Light Weights, Heavy Weights, Teams that need to take a 3rd attempt will be after the heavies pull. Teams will pull third attempts in order.

7. If during the contest the pulling track develops a bad spot, the judge can shorten, lengthen or move the track only after the round is complete. If track is moved, the change of direction must be marked with lines or markers.

8. Drivers will not be changed unless case of illness or injury. Changes are subject to the judge’s approval.

9. Drivers are allowed 2 hookers and 2 people on lines. Safety will always come first.

10. Everyone must stay behind the doubletree at all times. First offense will result loss of that attempt. Second offense will result in disqualification from contest.

11. Drivers are the only person allowed to call on the horses.

12. There will be no heading of the horses once they enter the pulling track, unless in the case of an emergency.

13. A team that is hooked to the sled and has to be headed, must be unhooked and will lose that attempt.

14. In the case of a breakdown, the team will unhook, have 5 minutes for repairs, then come back to hook before sled is moved.

15. Drivers have three minutes to hook to the sled after being called. Team will have one minute between first and second pull. Team must stay hooked between first and second pull unless you are forfeiting your second pull or have passed the change of direction marker. Choice of direction is allowed on third pull attempt when space allows.

16. Teams may choose to skip their 1st & 2nd attempts, change the direction of pull if space mallows and only take 1 pull at that weight. Must make a complete pull to move on. This attempt will be when it’s your turn at that weight, not after it’s moved.

17. Three unsuccessful attempts to hook to sled will constitute a pull. Six unsuccessful attempts will result in disqualification.

18. If no team makes a complete pull, the placings will be determined by the longest measurement on that weight.

19. Driving lines are to be held in a natural position, No holding over your head, No pulling down toward the ground, No lines under tails. No slapping horses with lines. First offence will result in loss of that attempt. Second offence will result in disqualification from the contest.

20. Horses are to be tied together only with the check lines used to drive them. Horses may not be tied together by neck yolks, straps, rope or any other way. Hitching with cross tugs is prohibited.

21. Horses may be pulled with blinders or open face, but must remain the same during the entirety of the contest.

22. Horses that can’t be handled or the judge feels may endanger others at the contest will be excused by the judge. If a team breaks FREE from the driver, they are automatically disqualified from the contest.

23. Teams and drivers shall display good sportsmanship and stay in the ring until contest is over, unless in the case of an emergency or excused by the judge for any reason.

24. The judge’s decision will be final. Anyone disputing the decision of the judge may be subject to disqualification.

25. Drivers or helpers using profanity, intoxicating beverages or drugs will result in disqualification of that team. The judges or officials have the right to excuse anyone having unruly behavior from the area.

26. No mistreatment of horses will be tolerated. If any whipping, punching, prodding of animals is observed during the contest, it will result in loss of that attempt. The second offense will result in disqualification from the contest.

27. Disqualification for any reason means all forfeiture of any prize money.

28. The Blue Ridge Horse Pulling Association reserves the right to add rules as it deems fit.


September 8, 2023
7:00 pm
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Russell County Fairgrounds
237 Donnie Dean Dr.
Castlewood, VA 24224 United States
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