Events for Friday – September 8, 2023

School Day
School Children Admitted Free until 3 p.m.

9:00Youth Tractor Driving Contest

10:00School Day Events

12:00Baby Crawling Contest
(Located next to Horse Show ring)

12:15Toddler Stick Horse Race
(Located next to Horse Show ring)

1:00-6:00School Day Unlimited Rides ($25)

1:00-10:00School Day Unlimited Rides ($35)

5:00-10:00School Day Unlimited Rides ($25)

4:00Registration for Open Poultry Show

5:00Open Poultry Show

5:00 – Registration for Truck Pull

5:00 – Miniature Horse Pull

6:00 – Registration for 4H Poultry Show

7:00 – Horse Pull

7:304H Poultry Show & Sale


  • 7:00 – Dan Deel
  • 8:00 – Conway Twitty Tribute (A Red Neckin’ Love Makin’ Night)

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