Demolition Derby Rules


Figure 8 Compact, Small Truck & Mini Van

A minimum 18” high white number is required on the upper right side of the roof. All cars must have 18” and 3”wide numbers on bother sides of car.  Numbering must be visible, neat and current or car will not be scored, and driver will not be eligible for prize money. No metallic or reflective numbers allowed.

Eligible cars: Maximum 106” wheelbase-Front or rear wheel drive-No 4-wheel drive.

Drivers must register for a vehicle number before the fair begins.

Body Preparation (Exterior)

Full body only. Wheel wells may not be altered. No loose body parts allowed.  No mirrors. Hoods are mandatory.  Trunk must be secured, welded, chained or bolted. Doors must be fastened securely by welding shut or steel straps 11/4” wide or 3/16” chain.  Only passenger sedans and station wagons are allowed. No panel trucks, convertibles or hearses.  Four wheel drive trucks must have front drive shaft removed. No snow or all terrain tires. Trucks should have chain around the drive shaft.  All trucks participating in the Figure 8 Derby are required to have a piece of mining belt or the equivalent attached to their vehicle across the rear of the Truck behind the wheels.  This addition to the truck must be no less than three inches off the ground.

Body Preparation (Interior)

All flammable material, except of the front seat, must be removed. No carpet or headliner.  Must pass tech inspection.  No holes in front or rear firewalls. All holes will be patched with approved metals.  No tape or cardboard.  No body panels may be removed, inner or outer, except driver’s door for bars.  Stock bumpers-stock location. Hole in hood for fire extinguishing, 10 inch diameter.


All glass must be removed.  Windshields must have 2 vertical bars welded.  Tall lights/headlights and bulbs must be removed.

Seat/Seat Belts

Back of seat must be rigid and not allowed to move. 2-point seat belt is required. Stock seat and a two point seat belt must be secured (shoulder/lap).

Fire Extinguisher:

Minimum 2 ¾ lb. dry charged fire extinguishers with quick release and metal mounting bracket recommended. Must be within reach of driver. Must be fully charged.

Helmets (Mandatory)

Must have eye protection.  Goggles, face shield or safety glasses. NO SUNGLASSES

Minimum 2 ¾ lb. dry charged fire extinguishers with quick release and metal mounting bracket recommended. Must be within reach of driver. Must be fully charged.


Stock Only- 4/6 cylinders-no turbo charger, no multiple carburetion.  Stock fuel injection allowed only with cut off switch to fuel pump.  No modifications.

Exhaust Manifolds/Exhaust System

Headers allowed, water only as a coolant, no additives or antifreeze.

Read Ends

Read ends to be stock type only for year make and model.  Posi-traction, locked real end optional.


Frames must be stock, No cross bracing, No filling of frame, No reinforcing of frame of any stock portion of car other than driver’s door.

Suspension/Shock absorbers

Suspension to remain STOCK for year make and model. No racing type shocks. One shock per wheel mounted in stock location only.


All cars must have brakes, in working order on all four wheels. OEM brakes only.

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