Halter Beef Show Judging

This event will be held in the Livestock Barn

  • Show will end after final judging (could be before or after 5 PM)
  • Release at 9 PM


  • Angus
  • Hereford
  • Simmental
  • Gelvieh
  • Crossbreed
  • Other


  • 1st $25.00
  • 2nd $20.00
  • 3rd $16.00
  • 4th $12.00
  • 5th $10.00


  • Junior Heifer Calves (03/01/16 – later)
  • Junior Heifer Calves (01/01/16 – 02/28/16)
  • Late Senior Heifer Calves (11/01/15 – 12/31/15)
  • Early Senior Heifer Calves (09/01/15 – 10/31/15)
  • Late Summer Yearling Calves (07/01/15 – 08/31/15)
  • Early Summer Yearling Calves (05/01/15 – 06/30/15)
  • April Junior Yearling Calves (04/01/15 – 04/30/15)
  • March Junior Yearling Calves (03/01/15 – 03/31/15)
  • Early Junior Yearling Calves (01/01/15 – 02/28/15)
  • Senior Yearling Heifers (09/01/14 – 12/31/14)
  • Junior Showmanship
  • Senior Showmanship
  • Bull Calf (After 01/01/16)
  • Bull Calf (09/01/15 – 12/31/15)
  • Cow/Calf Pairs
  • Junior Champion
  • Senor Champion
  • Grand Champion
  • Supreme Champion – Female
  • Halter Steers
  • Premium Exhibitor

*Junior Livestock Exhibitor will be given 2 FREE Passes for entry to fair at registration. They will then be reimbursed the ticket fee paid at the front gate. Please see all General Rules and Regulations.

Livestock Schedule

2016 – Livestock Barn ~ September 2nd – 10th

Saturday, September 3rd
  • 12:00 PM Register Halter Beef Cattle & Dairy Heifers
  • 1:00 PM Junior Dairy Show Judging
  • 3:00 PM Beef Show Judging
  • 6:00 PM 4-H Youth Poultry Show & Sale
  • 9:00 PM Release Beef Cattle, Dairy Heifers & Poultry
Tuesday, September 6th
  • 3:00 – 7:00 PM Register Goats
  • 7:00 PM Goat Show
  • 8:00 PM Myotonic Fainting Goat Show
  • 9:00 PM Release Goats
Wednesday, September 7th
  • 6:00 PM Alpaca/ Llama Show
Thursday, September 8th
  • 1:00 PM Register Pen Cattle
  • 2:00 PM Judging of Pen Cattle
  • 4:30 PM Registration for “Horseless” Cowboy Contets
  • 5:00 PM “Horseless” Cowboy Contest
  • 7:00 PM Rabbit Show
  • 9:00 PM Release Pen Cattle
Friday, September 9th
  • 5:00 PM Register Hair Sheep
  • 6:00 PM Hair Sheep Show
Saturday, September 10th
  • 9:00 AM Breeding Sheep Show
  • 11:00 AM Commercial Sheep Show
  • 12:00 PM 4-H Market Lamb Registration
  • 2:00 PM Lead Line & Costume Class / Lamb & Wool on Parade
  • 2:30 PM 4-H Market Lamb Show
  • 6:00 PM 4-H Market Hog Show
  • 9:00 PM Release all Sheep & 4-H Lambs


Draft Horse Pull


Wednesday 7th                                                                                  

Beginning at 7:00 PM


NO Entry Fee

  • This event is filled with a large variety of activities.
  • Each activity and registration fee is listed separately.
  • The event will continue until the final activity is complete.
  • These events will be held at the Horse Show Arena


  • Light Weight Pulling Horses
  • Heavy Weight Pulling Horses


  •    1st – $500.00
  •   2nd – $400.00
  •    3rd – $350.00
  •    4th – $300.00
  •    5th – $250.00
  •    6th – $200.00
  •    7th – $150.00
  •    8th – $100.00
  •    9th – $100.00
  • 10th – $100.00

*A minimum of $50.00 paid to any participating team.
* 12 Month Negative Coggins are required for all horses.

Open Horse Show

Saturday, September 10th

Beginning at 3:00 PM


Entry Fee $10.00 on all classes except for classes 42 -48 entry fee for those is $25.00

  1. Best Groomed Pony/Horse (any breed, exhibitor 18 years & under)
  2. Juvenile Showmanship (exhibitor 18 years & under) Western in Halter & English in Bridle
  3. Juvenile Beginners English or Western (exhibitor 18 years & under) No cross entry of rider in any performance class- Walk & Pleasure Gait
  4. Juvenile Go As You Please (exhibitor 12 years & under)
  5. Juvenile Go As You Please (exhibitor 13-18 years)
  6. Lead Line with Ground Assistance (exhibitor 10 years & under) Walk/Pleasure Gait with Ground Assistance
  7. Juvenile Racking Non-Saddlebred ( English or Western Attire)
  8. Juvenile Ambling Country Pleasure (exhibitor 17 years & under, all breeds, flat shod, 2 gaits, no canter and no bands)
  9. Go As You Please Ponies
  10.  Ladies Racking Country Pleasure ( English or Western & Flat Shod)
  11. Juvenile Country Pleasure (exhibitor 17 years & under, all breeds, flat shod, walk & pleasure gaits and bands allowed)
  12. Juvenile Country Racking Ponies (14.2 & under)
  13. Men’s Racking Country Pleasure (English or Western & Flat Shod)
  14. Go As You Please
  15. Open Pleasure Driving
  16. Juvenile Flat Shod Racking
  17. Juvenile Pacing
  18. Lead Line
  19. Juvenile Trail Pleasure Racking ( English or Western, 3/8 x 3/4′ exhibitor 18 years & under)
  20. Ladies Ambling Country Pleasure (exhibitor 18 years & over, all breeds, flat shod, 2 gaits, no canter and no bands)
  21. Flat Shod Racking
  22. Costume Class
  23. Ladies Country Pleasure ( English or Western and Walk & Pleasure Gait)
  24. Stick Horse Class
  25. Ladies Trail Pleasure Racking ( English or Western) 3/8 x 3/4
  26. Style Pacing
  27. Men’s Racking ( English Attire)
  28. Spotted Country Pleasure ( flat shod, 2 gaits, no canter and bands allowed)
  29. Buggy Class
  30. Keg Shod Racking
  31. Juvenile Go As You Please
  32. Ladies Racking (English Attire)
  33. Men’s Ambling Country Pleasure (exhibitor 18 years & over, all breeds, 2 gaits, no canter & flat shod)
  34. Style Racking Flat Shod (English Attire)
  35. Men’s Trail Pleasure Racking (English or Western) 3/8 x 3/4
  36. Three- Gaited English Show Pleasure
  37. Country Saddle English or Western ( 3 Gaits & Max Shoe 3/8 x 3/4)
  38. Men’s Country Pleasure ( Walk & Pleasure Gait and Bands Allowed)
  39. ASB Open Racking
  40. Speed Racking (English Attire)
  41. Open Racking Country Pleasure ( English or Western & Flat Shod)
  42. Open Trail Pleasure Racking ( English or Western & Flat Shod
  43. Five Gaited English Show Pleasure
  44. Open Ambling Country Pleasure ( all breeds, 2 gaits, no canter, flat shod, no bands) J.B. Stewart Family Memorial Trophy
  45. Road Pony
  46. Open Country Pleasure ( English or Western -Walk & Pleasure Gait & Bands allowed)
  47. Open Racking ( English Attire)
  48. Open Pacing


Open Western Pleasure Horse Show

Friday, September 9th

Beginning at 6:00 PM
** Long Sleeve Shirts Required in all Speed Classes**

Entry Fee $10.00 on all classes except for Open Western Pleasure and Open Barrel Race and it’s a $25.00 entry fee

Judge: John Banks

  1. Lead Line
  2. Western Halter Weanlings & Yearlings
  3. Western  Halter ( 2 & 3 year olds)
  4. Western Halter ( 5 years & older)
  5. Open Western Halter
  6. Miniature Horse Halter (38″ & under)
  7. Most Colorful Horse at Halter
  8. Showmanship at Halter (exhibitor 18 years & under)
  9. Juvenile Beginners Western (exhibitor 12 years & under, walk & jog, no canter, no cross entry of rider in any other performance class)
  10. Juvenile Beginners Western (exhibitor 13-18 years, walk & jog, no canter, no cross entry of rider in any other performance class)
  11. Costume Class
  12. Paint Horse Western Pleasure
  13. Juvenile Pole Bending (exhibitor 18 years & under)
  14. Open Pole Bending
  15. Western Pleasure- Walk/Jog & no cross entry
  16. Rescue Race
  17. Amateur Western Pleasure
  18. Youth Pony Barrel (50″ & under) exhibitor 12 years & under
  19. Youth Barrel Race (exhibitor 12 years & under)
  20. Juvenile Barrel Race (exhibitor 13-18 years)
  21. Ladies Barrel Race (exhibitor 19 years & over)
  22. Men’s Barrel Race (exhibitor 19 years & over)
  23. Juvenile Western Pleasure (exhibitor 18 years & under)- Robert Blair Memorial Trophy
  24. Ladies Western Pleasure (exhibitor 19 years & over)
  25. Reining Class (pattern to be announced)
  26. Men’s Western Pleasure (exhibitor 19 years & over)
  27. Speed Race
  28. Potato Race
  29. Quarter Horse Western Pleasure- Rio Grande Perpetual Memorial Trophy
  30. Open Western Pleasure Ralph Fields Perpetual Memorial Trophy
  31. Open Barrel Race



Russell County Horse Show

Thursday, September 8th at 6:00 PM

Open to Russell County Horses and Riders Only

Sponsored by: Farm Bureau Insurance

Entry Fee $5.00 on all classes except Lead Line and
Stick Horse Class

  1. Lead Line
  2. Open Halter (12 mo.& under)
  3. Open Halter ( 2 year olds)
  4. Beginners on Ponies (14.2 & under)
  5. Juvenile Go As You Please (18 years & under)
  6. Racking Ponies- Bernard Hart Memorial Trophy
  7. Beginners on Horses- “My Pleasure” Perpetual Trophy
  8. Stick Horse Class
  9. Style Racking (Saddlebred)- Carlos “Spud” Turner Memorial Trophy
  10. Open Go As You Please
  11. Juvenile Western Pleasure (18 years & under)
  12. Flat Shod Racking
  13. Costume Class
  14. Style Pacing
  15. Country Racking
  16. Youth English Pleasure ( 12 years & under)
  17. Youth Barrel Race (12 years & under)
  18. Juvenile Barrels
  19. Spotted Country Pleasure
  20. Juvenile Plantation Pleasure (18 years & under)
  21. Ladies Pacing
  22. Driving Class
  23. Open Western Pleasure
  24. Keg Shod Racking
  25. Egg and Spoon
  26. Trail Pleasure Racking- Rick Hart Memorial Trophy
  27. Rescue Race- C.A. Pratt Memorial Trophy
  28. Men’s Pacing
  29. Open English Pleasure Horses
  30. Plantation Country Pleasure
  31. Pole Bending
  32. Utility Class- Buddy & Peggy Taylor Memorial Trophy
  33. Open Barrell Race
  34. Open Racking (Saddlebred or Non-Saddlebred)
  35. Speed Race
  36. Open Country Pleasure
  37. Open Pacing- Russell County Fair Challenge Trophy




Clothing-Adult Exhibits

Home Economic Building


  1. Clothing will be judged for material used, design color, workmanship, economy and practicality.
  2. Only one entry per person per class.
  3. All entries must have been made by exhibitor within the last year. (Chairman has the right to reject previous entries).

Class Prize Award:
1st- $3
3rd- $1


  1. Apron
  2. Blouse, Adult
  3. Dress, Child
  4. Dress, Designer’s
  5. Dress, Street
  6. Dress and Jacket
  7. Dress, Sun
  8. Dress, Party
  9. Poncho or Cape
  10. Coats, Any Kind
  11. Blazer
  12. Vest
  13. Skirt
  14. Suit, Ladies
  15. Pants
  16. Men’s Sports Coat or Suit
  17. Shirt
  18. Romper Suit
  19. Country Jumper
  20. Hand Painting, Clothing
  21. Applique, Any Item
  22. Hand Towel for Stove
  23. Clothes Pin Bag
  24. Totes or Handbag
  25. Miscellaneous
  • Best In Show
  • Rosette

Jean Wallace
Jimmy Gay Meade

Baked Goods- Adult Exhibits

Home Economics Building


  • In general, baked goods will be judged for appearance, crust condition, texture and flavor.
  • Entries are to be put in zip lock bags when possible. Example: cookies, muffins, biscuits, candy and other entries can use clear wrap.
  • When necessary, baked goods will be opened for determination of texture and flavor.
  • Adult and Youth Foods- In all cake classes except decorated cake entries should be 1/2 cake instead of a whole cake.


  • A general listing of classes include the following:
    • Bread
    • Biscuits
    • Cornbread
    • Corn Stick or Muffin
    • Sweet Rolls
    • Yeast Rolls
    • Sourdough Bread
    • Bread Machine
    • Sweet Bread
    • Yeast Bread
    • Cake
    • Cupcakes
    • Brownies
    • Cookies
    • Fudge
    • Seafoam
    • Candies
    • Pie (NO Custard or Cream)
  • Class Prize Awards:
    • 1st – $3.00
    • 2nd – $2.00
    • 3rd – $1.00
    • Rosette
    • Best in Show
  • All Entries may be viewed 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM September 7th – September 12th.

Callie Moser
Dollie Compton

Canned Food/Adult Exhibits

Home Economics Building


  • All exhibits must be in clean, heat-treated, standard canning jars with new lids and rings. Rusty lids, peanut butter, mayonnaise or pickle jars will not be accepted.
  • An exhibitor may make only one entry in each lot. Different members of the same family cannot make duplicate entries in the same lot. Should any article be entered in the wrong class, the superintendent may make proper correction of entry.
  • Articles that have been entered should be canned within the year.
  • All entries must be made in the name of the producer. Must pass proper test for seal used.
  • No 1/2 gallon cans accepted.
  • A general listing of classes includes the following forms of canned food:
    • Apples
    • Applesauce
    • Blackberries
    • Cherries
    • Grape Juice
    • Peaches
    • Pears
    • Other Fruit
    • Cold Pack Meats
    • Canned Meats
    • Meats
    • Vegetables
    • Beans
    • Carrots
    • Corn
    • Greens
    • Peas
    • Sauerkraut
    • Soup Mixture
    • Tomatoes
    • Tomato Juice
    • Jelly (Apple, Blackberry, Grape, Raspberry, Peach, Other)
    • Jams (Blackberry, Raspberry, Other)
    • Preserves (Peach, Strawberry, Other)
    • Fruit Butter (Apple, Other)
    • Pickled (Beets, Bread & Butter Pickles, Crystal, Dill, Sweet Cucumber, Dilly Beans, Mixed Pickles, Peppers, Pickles)
    • Relishes & Sauces (Pickles, Salsa, Spaghetti Sauce, Sauce, Chow-Chow, Other)
  • Class Prizes:
    • 1st – $3.00
    • 2nd – $2.00
    • 3rd – $1.00
    • Rosette
    • Best in Show
  • All entries may be viewed from 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM – September 7th – September 12th.

Pat Gray
Peggy Keith

“Preserving the good things of life because you can”


Home Economics Building


  1. Each specimen must be the work of the exhibitor, except frames and mats may be purchased items. No paint by number or other similar work will be accepted.
  2. Only one entry per person.
  3. Each entry must be numbered and tagged at check-in. The name of the  artist must be on the entry tag.
  4. Each framed work must have an attached hanger which will support the weight of the artwork. Standard art mats are preferred over wood frames.
  5. Photographs which are not framed must be mounted on paper or mat.
  6. School projects must be pre-mounted on large poster boards of large construction paper. A maximum of three posters/papers per class will be accepted. The overall project shall display the name of the school, teacher and grade. If the project consists of a collection of individual art works, the name of each student shall be shown on the front of each work.
  7. Three dimensional works of art may include sculpture, masks, abstract freestanding forms, pottery and other  modeled forms.
  8. No glass in framed art or photograph nor glass objects of art permitted.

1st- $3
2nd- $2

3RD- $5


  1. Watercolors or Tempera
  2. Magic Markers or Crayons
  3. Mixed Media (Inc. Collage and 3 Dimension’s)


4. Watercolors or Tempera
5. Magic Markers or Crayons
6. Mixed Media (Inc. Collage and 3 Dimension’s)


7. Watercolors or Tempera
8. Magic Markers or Crayons
9. Pencil, Pen, Ink and Charcoal
10. Oil and Acrylic
11. Mixed Media (Inc. Collage and 3 Dimension’s)
12. Photography, Landscape or Seascape
13. Photography- all other


14. Watercolors or Tempera
15. Magic Markers or Crayons
16. Pencil, Pen, Ink and Charcoal
17. Oil and Acrylic
18. Mixed Media (Inc. Collage and 3 Dimension’s)
19. Photography, Landscape or Seascape
20. Photography- all other


Oil, Acrylic or Tempera
21. All Forms

22. Animal
23. Human Form or Portrait
24. All Other

25. All Forms

Pencil, Pen, Ink & Charcoal
26. Animal
27. Still Life or Flowers
28. Human Form or Portrait
29. All Other

Mixed Media
30. All Forms ( including collage)

Photography- Black and White
31. All Forms

Photography- Color
32. Animal
33. Human Form or Portrait
34. Landscape or Seascape
35. All Other

Three Dimensional Forms
36. All Forms

Best in Show/ High School- Rosette
Best in Show/Elementary- Rosette
Best in Show/Class- Rosette


Sue Slack
Richard Hall
Doris Hall

Crafts- Youth Exhibits

Home Economics Building


  1. Each specimen must be handwork of the exhibitor or produced by him and shown in the proper division or class.
  2. Crafts will be judged for appearance, design or pattern, color and workmanship.
  3. One entry per class, per person.
  4. All entries must have been made or prepared by the exhibitor within the last year. (Chairman has the right ti reject previous entries)
  5. Previously entered item will not be accepted.

Youth Classes Divided by Age:
Junior Class- thru 12 years
Senior Class- 13-19 years

Class prize Award:
1st- $3
2nd- $2


Best in Show- Rosette


  1. Ceramics, any item
  2. Plaster of Paris
  3. Christmas Decorations, any item
  4. Decoupage
  5. Doll, handmade
  6. Animals, handmade
  7. Flowers. handmade
  8. Leather Work
  9. Wreath, any size
  10. Wood Plaque, any item
  11. Woodwork, small
  12. Woodwork, large
  13. Hand Painted, any item
  14. Jewelry, handmade
  15. Clothes Pin Craft
  16. Model Car (kits and painted)
  17. Plastic Canvas
  18. Baskets, handmade in any size
  19. Felt Craft, any item
  20. Beaded Jewelry
  21. Mosaic
  22. Sand Art
  23. Birdhouse
  24. Door Swag
  25. Decoration, home
  26. Scrapbooking
  27. Recycled, any item
  28. Duct Tape
  29. Miscellaneous, any item


Committee: Peggy Heranny

Youth Canned Foods

Home Economic Building

  • All exhibits must be in a clean, heat treated, standard canning jars with new lids and rings. Rusty lids, peanut butter, mayonnaise and pickle jars will not be accepted.
  • An exhibitor may make only one entry in each lot. Different members of the same family cannot make duplicate entries in the same lot. Should any article be entered in the wrong class, the superintendent may make proper correction of entry.
  • Articles that have been entered should be canned within the year.
  • Must pass proper test for seal use.


    • Apples
    • Blackberries
    • Peaches
    • Applesauce
    • Vegetables
    • Beans
    • Corn
    • Tomatoes
    • Tomato Juice
    • Pickled Beets
    • Sweet Pickles
    • Dill Pickles
    • Pickles
    • Relish
    • Salsa
    • Raspberry Jam
    • Blackberry Jam
    • Strawberry Preserves
    • Peach Preserves
    • Apple Jelly
    • Blackberry Jelly
    • Grape Jelly
    • Apple Butter
    • Other
  • Class Prize Awards:
    • 1st – $3.00
    • 2nd – $2.00
    • 3rd – $1.00
    • Best in Show- Rosette
  • All entries can be viewed from 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM daily – September 7th – September 12th.

Committee: Mandy Worrell

Flowers/Adult Exhibit

Home Economics Building


  1. Each specimen must be handwork of the exhibitor produced by him except containers for potted plants and arrangements may be purchased articles.
  2. Each specimen must be shown in proper division or class.
  3. Exhibitors must furnish containers for all flower exhibits, containers must be plastic soft drink bottles no larger than 16oz.size and no smaller than 12 oz. size. NO GLASS or BREAKABLE CONTAINERS.
  4. Cut flowers and potted plants will be judged for perfection of bloom and foliage. Arrangements will be judged for perfection of bloom, quality or arrangement and suitability of containers for flowers.
  5. Artificial flowers or fruit will disqualify an arrangement from being judged. Miniature figures may be used in arrangement.
  6. Mixed colors and varieties not acceptable unless started.

Class Prize Award:
1st- $3
2nd- $2
3rd- $1

Class Flowers:


  1. Red, 1 specimen
  2. Pink, 1 specimen
  3. White, 1 specimen
  4. Yellow, 1 specimen
  5. Orange, 1 specimen
  6. Sonya, 1 specimen
  7. Variegated, 1 specimen
  8. Miniature Roses, 3 specimens


9. Large Yellow, 1 bloom
10. Large Orange, 1 bloom
11. Dwarf- Yellow, Orange or Mixed, 1 spray


12. Single, 3 blooms
13. Double or Ruffled, 3 blooms


14. Large Single, 1 bloom
15. Medium Single, 1 bloom
16. Small Single, 1 bloom
17. Pompom, 3 blooms


18. Large, over 8 inches, 1 bloom
19. Medium, 4-8 inches, 1 bloom
20. Miniature, under 4 inches, 3 blooms
21. Cactus Dahlias large, 1 bloom- Small, 1 bloom
22. Pom  Pom


23. Single, 1 bloom
24. Double, 1 bloom
25. Football, 1 bloom
26. Spider, 1 bloom


27. Large, 1 specimen
28. Medium, 1 specimen
29. Miniature, 3 specimens


30. Plumed, 1 stalk


31. Asters, 3 specimens
32. Calendula’s, 3 specimens
33. Cosmos, 5 specimens
34. Snapdragon (any color), 3 specimens
35. Strawflower, 3 specimens
36. Flower (miscellaneous), 3 specimens


37. Dried
38. Any cut flower, including field flowers, in proper
39. Arrangement- miscellaneous

(Must be 6 months in possession)

40. Ferns
41. Sultana
42. African Violet, all colors
43. Begonia, all sizes and colors
44. Coleus, all sizes and colors
45. Geranium, all colors
46. Gloxinia, all colors
47. Ivy, all varieties
48. Cactus, all sizes
49. Miscellaneous, potted plant

Best in Show- Rosette

Tonia Johnson
Phyllis Crabtree
Jerry Crabtree

Carnival Preview

Friday, September 4th. (6:00 PM- 10:00 PM)
Saturday, September 5th. (6:00 PM- 10:00 PM)
Monday, September 7th. (6:00 PM Full Midway)
Tuesday, September 8th. (6:00 PM Full Midway)
Wednesday, September 9th. (6:00 PM- 10:00 PM)
Thursday, September 10th. (6:00 PM Full Midway)
Friday, September 11th1. (1:00 PM-6:00 PM)
Extra hour of riding time with unlimited ride ticket
Saturday, September 12th. (1:00 PM-5:00 PM)
After 6:00 PM- Full Midway (regular price)

Rabbit Show

Rabbit Show begins at 7:00 PM in the Livestock Barn

  • Classes will be determined at show time
  • Prize money will be as follows:
    • 1st- $20
    • 2nd – $18
    • 3rd- $16
    • 4th- $14
    • 5th- $12

Chairperson: Scott Jessee

2015 Rules for The Russell County Horse Show

  • The Russell County Horse Show is operated in accordance with the current rules of the Mid-South Horse Show Association.
  • All competitors showing Tennessee Walking Horses or Racking Horses in an Association must have their horse inspected by the DQP before the class.
  • Every rider or driver competing in classes for amateurs must possess an amateur card.
  • Persons under federal disqualifications cannot transport horses to this show and can participate only as a spectator.
  • Current 12 month negative coggins test is required prior to entering the show grounds and must be presented at the gate and secretary’s booth upon entry.
  • Absolutely NO classes will be added.
  • Juveniles will not be allowed to show a STALLION in any juvenile class.
  • STALLS will  be assigned at the secretary’s booth. Absolutely no vehicles may be parked in front of the stall area. Stalls may be reserved in advance by calling Whitney Phillips at (276) 608-1602.
  • The Russell County Fair Association will not be liable or responsible for any injury to any person, animal, or for any damage to, or loss of personal property on the show grounds and all horses are to be exhibited at the risk of the owner or exhibitors.
  • Everyone entering the fairgrounds must purchase a ticket.

Rules for Draft Horse Pulling

  1. Pulling distance shall be 27 1/2 ft.
  2. Width of the pulling area shall be 20 ft.
  3. No more than 4 persons shall be allowed with each team.
  4. Drivers shall have the choice of either riding or walking. However, if walking the driver must stay behind the double tree.
  5. Drivers shall not be changed unless injury or sickness occurs. Changes are subject to approval by the judge.
  6. Three pulls shall be allowed for each weight.
  7. Drivers shall have three minutes to hook to the sled after being called to do so.
  8. Three succeeding attempts to hook to the sled constitute a pull.
  9. A pull shall be counted when the driver gives the horse the signal to pull.
  10. The team with the longest distance shall not return to pull until his distance is exceeded. At this time he shall return and pull immediately.
  11. If a tie occurs the team with the second longest distance shall be placed above the other team.
  12. Breakage of harness or equipment will constitute a pull with the distance being credited to the team. Five minutes shall be allowed for repair, with the team remaining in the pulling area.
  13. Hitching with cross tugs is prohibited.
  14. Teams may be tied together with check lines only.
  15. Bridles may be either  open-faced or with blinds, however, no change may be made after the contest starts.
  16. Any mistreatment of animals will not be allowed. Any team may be disqualified by the judge for infraction of this rule.
  17. Any team to rank or excited that the judge feels may endanger other teams, drivers, or spectators, may be excused from the pulling area by the judge.
  18. Any team getting free from the handlers will be disqualified from the contest.
  19. Any team suspected of drug usage will be turned over to the Humane Society for disciplinary action.
  20. The judge’s decision will be final.
  21. Twelve month negative coggins required.

Pet Agility

Monday, September 7th at 9AM
Located in the Horse Show Arena

NO registration fees
NO limitations
Ribbons and Trophies will be awarded


Southwest Virginia Veterinary Services will be offering agility demonstrations and training for all of those interested in learning about this great team sport. Bring your dog on this day and we will be happy to help you and your pet learn to navigate obstacles, climb dog ramps and even ride a teeter totter! Bring plenty of your pet’s favorite dog treats, a long leash (not a flexi leash), and wear comfortable shoes… this is a fast paced, good work out for both you and your pet!

Contact Dr. Peggy Rucker for additional details at
(276) 889-5515

Sponsored by: Southwest Virginia Veterinary Services


Pet Show

Registration begins at 1:30 PM under the Pavilion

1st place- Trophies
1st thru 5th place- Ribbons

Pure breeds and mutts Welcome! Pets must be on a lead or caged. Virginia Wildlife, reptiles, insects and arachnids NOT permitted on pets show grounds. Costumes must not be attached in any harmful way to animal.
Any animal that appears to be sick will not be allowed to participate at chairpersons discretion.
Any acts of cruelty to pets anywhere of the fairgrounds will be immediate cause for denied participation and/or dismissal from Pet Show. Any animal showing aggressive behavior may be asked to leave. This will be chairpersons discretion.

1. Best Cat Overall (based on temperament and how healthy they appear
2. Pet Costume (Children 12 and under)
3. Pet Costume (Children 12 and under)
4. Dog Obedience (Adult)
5. Dog Obedience (Children)
6. Pet/Owner Look Alike (Adult)
7. Pet/Owner Look Alike ( Children)
8. Owner/Pet Relationship (Adult and Children)
9. Pet Tricks (Adult)
10. Pet Tricks (Children)
11. Obstacle Course (Children)
12. Obstacle Course ( Adult)
13. Veteran’s Class- Child (dogs 7 years and over)
14. Veteran’s Class- Adult (dogs 7 years and over)
15. Child’s Champion ( All 1st place winners compete)
16. Adult Champion ( All 1st place winners complete)

Child Classes- Kids must be 12 years old and under
Adult Classes- Must be ages 13 and up

For more information or to pre-register call Ruth at
(276) 889-5515








Come for Dessert “2015 Dessert Recipe Contest”

Bring Entry To- Building #3
Date: Sunday, September 6th
Time: 2PM till 4PM
Local Contacts: Jan Harrison @ (276) 889-1566
Patsy Phillips @ (804) 836-4156

Cook up your best Dessert recipe
“Crack a minimum of 6 eggs in the recipe”
Bring it and the written recipe to the fair


  • Open to any individual who is a Virginia resident, one entry per person. Participant does not have to reside in county where the fair is held. Local fairs are asked to waive any residency requirements. Participants are eligible to win in ONE contest at a time. They may compete in other contests until they win.
  • Entrant must prepare a recipe that should be considered to be a dessert although presentations may vary (trifles, cakes, pies, egg-rich pastries, ice cream, etc.)
  • A minimum 6 large eggs must be cracked for use in the entered recipe.
  • Entry may be presented in/on any type of container for judging. Safe food handling is the responsibility of the contestant. Contest organizers may find a contestant in-eligible should a dessert be entered at room temperature that should have been kept cold.
  • Recipe must:
    •  list ingredients in order of use
    • include preparation instructions
    • cooking time, temperature and yield
  • Written recipe must be legibly printed on one side of page and must be submitted with prepared entry. Back side of page must include contestant’s name, address, phone number and email address and the name of the item.
  • Contestant must fill in a Participant Release Form, to be attached to the recipe.

Prizes: Gifts from the Virginia Egg Council will be sent to local contest organizers for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners


1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners may compete at the State Fair of Virginia on September 27, 2015 for these top prizes:

1st place- $375.00
2nd place- $250.00
3rd place- $125.00

For more information got to www.virginiaeggcouncil.org









Lawn Mower Race

Registration begins at 4PM
Entry Fee $10 per class for Adults and Kid’s Classes

Kids Class- 11- 15 years of age
Adult Classes- 3-15 lap heats, open class-20 laps
Money Class- 20 laps ( 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places of heat races)

Trophies- 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places

  • Engines must be stock (internally). Intake and exhaust modifications are allowed.
  • Transmissions must be of a lawnmower origin.
  • All chassis modifications are to be made around the manufactures frame. No fabricated chassis.
  • Must have functioning brake system.
  • Decks must be removed or belts removed.
  • Must have working “kill” switch. Tether type recommended.
  • Gasoline engines only.
  • Operators must wear approved helmets (no bicycle type), eye protection, jeans or trousers (no shorts), gloves and long sleeves are recommended.

Mowers and Operators will be inspected at registration!

For more information: (276) 202-3573