Primitive Quartet










The Primitive Quartet has been traveling and singing gospel music thirty-seven years, and we count it a joy and privilege to spread the gospel through song. Our ultimate goal is to see saints blessed and encouraged to have a closer walk with God and to help lead souls to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Our quartet was formed as a result of a fishing trip when we sat around the campfire at night and sang. We realized that we had four-part harmony, and from there we started singing at our home church and other local churches. Today we travel approximately fifty thousand miles a year and do about one hundred fifty dates annually. Our music is the traditional mountain shape note style singing accompanied by acoustical instruments including the mandolin, banjo, fiddle, guitars and acoustic bass. We play our own music on all of our recordings and strive to duplicate the same sound on all our personal appearances. We would like to thank all of you who have supported us through the years by purchasing our products and attending our concerts. Without you, we could not be full- time servants. We also want to say, “Thank You” to all the DJ’s who have played our music on the radio and the television hosts who have used our videos on your programs. We invite you to check out our Products Page to view the song lists and listen to demos. if you would like to come see us please check out our Events Calendar.   Thank and God Bless!











The one consistent thing about life is change. Things around us are constantly changing. So when a group like Triumphant Quarter maintains consistency, it speaks volumes about whom they are and what all they have accomplished. Triumphant is the face of Gospel Music, Christian integrity, family values, friendship and  dedication. The group has been that way since their beginnings in 2003, when the four friends first walked out on to the stage of the Louise Mandrell Theater, in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee as a headlining talent. Each current Triumphant group member was there in that defining moment, and has continued together ever since. Their smooth harmonies, and rich quarter sound quickly gained them national attention, recognition and concert demand. That popularity promoted the group in 2008, from singing daily at a theater, to touring nationally and performing in major concert venues, auditoriums and churches. It has also voted then the Fan Favorite Quartet in the Gospel Music field for the last six years, and each group member also being nominated for and receiving various awards. Triumphant Quartet has had three # 1 songs and several others have climbed the top 40 music charts, which has also contributed to their popularity. Gospel music fans agree that the Triumphant sound is distinctive, solid quartet singing. But, Triumphant excels in diversity, and also expands their musical borders to a wide variety of styles, that is enjoyed by church audiences and music lovers. When Triumphant takes the stage, the audience is entertained by the musical variety, the engaging personalities and a bond that is brought together by years of friendship. Audiences will find themselves smiling, laughing, crying, encouraged and uplifted. And most of all, they will walk away having had the Gospel Message presented to them in a powerful way, with a hope that many will receive Christ as their Lord and Savior. Jesus Christ id the focus of Triumphant. He is the reason they sing, and these four gentlemen stay consistent and steadfast in their goal of giving their very best in all they do and every song sung.

Troy Burns Family







Troy Burns of Bryson City, NC. is one of the founding members of the Inspirations, and also was lead singer for the group. Starting at only the age of 13, Troy toured and performed with them for over 30 years. Troy currently is the lead singer of the well established group Archie Watkins & Smokey Mountain Reunion, which are the Old Inspirations. Troy is also founder and owner of his own group The Troy Burns Family, consisting of Troy, his wife Tammy, and their newest member Shane Mathis. While traveling and singing all over the country the family is known for two very distinct things, their close family harmony and their love for the ministry. Troy, having been doing this for most of his life, has had the privilege of recording over 700 original charting songs. Some include; Jesus Is Coming Soon, Touring That City, Is That Footsteps, The Wonders of Wonders, Your Tears Are Touching God, The First Million Years, and many more. Troy has had the involvement in performing in over 6000 concerts, winning numerous awards in Gospel music and was a regularly seen face on the network TV show the astounding, Gospel Singing Jubilee. After doing that for many years, Troy now sings weekly on Daystar TV worldwide and has a charted concept video featuring Troy and his wife on YouTube titled “I’m Praying For You” which has touched the hearts and minds of people around the entire world. Quoted by many, Troy has been called “Mentor”,  “My Hero”, “Friend” and a “Patriarch” of Southern Gospel Music. Tammy Burns of Bryson City, NC. has a heart for singing ever since she was a young child. Even though she had no plans to ever be a sought after gospel singer, she was raised being taught the formal side of vocal performance and was a member of the Sound of Youth from Robbinsville, NC. Being the wife of Troy Burns, Tammy has had the privilege of traveling the country with her husband as he toured with the Inspirations and she is the only female to have ever taken the stage and sing with the group. It was for the duration of 3 months that Tammy had this amazing opportunity to travel and sing tenor with the Inspirations and now she is the  alto of her and Troy’s group, The Troy Burns Family. Along with her husband by her side, Tammy starred in their group concerts video “I’m Praying for You”, which gave Tammy’s voice the opportunity to be heard around the entire world and has affected the hearts and souls of millions. Many have compared Tammy’s distinct singing voice to the late Patsy Cline and Barbara Streisand. Tammy has a heart for the ministry and works hard to make sure that the words she says and the songs she sings only depict the light and love of Jesus Christ. Shane Mathis is the newest member of Troy Burns Family and is from Gainesville, GA. Shane grew up in a musically inclined family. His great-grandfather was a professional opera singer while at the same time, he and Shane’s great-grandmother performed in churches all over the Atlanta area. Shanes’ grandmother was also an established gospel singer, played piano. tenor and saxophone, and has sung in choirs all of her life. You could say music is genetically a part of Shane’s DNA! Shane has 4 solo projects. His latest EP, A New- New Story, was released on May 9, 2016.

Family Faith Night- Contemporary Gospel- UNSPOKEN








For a band named Unspoken, Chad Mattson, Mike Gomez, Jon Lowery and Ariel Munoz have been making a lot of noise. With two straight top 5 singles ( Who You Are & Lift My Life Up) and successful tours with bands like Sanctus Real and Big Daddy Weave, Unspoken has built steady momentum through their last two EP’s, even as they’ve grown as a band. Lead singer Chad mattson reflected on this season of growth. “The more you work on something and devote yourself to a craft, I think the better you become at it, especially as you are surrounding yourself with people who are good at it.” The timing is therefore perfect for the band’s first full-length album with Centricity Music, “Unspoken.” Mattson and the band jumped at the chance to release a complete, full-length album with all the elements in place. “We got to complete the pieces of what a record could and should have. We have a couple of acoustic drop-down pieces that we love, we have upbeat stuff, we have a radio mix. That’s exciting to me, how diverse the record is.” It’s a diverse record befitting a diverse band, which features members from Maine, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. The mix lends subtle flavors to the music beneath strong pop sensibilities. Through this musical diversity, a strong lyrical theme emerged. Mattson and mates were spending a lot of time studying the words of Jesus in Matthew 5 and 6 while writing for the album. The messages in the Sermon on the Mount have become the messages of the album: do not worry…. make seeking God your primary concern…. don’t hide your light but instead burn bright like a fire. “A lot of the songs are about getting back to the basics,” Mattson explains. ” The basics of just hanging out with God. The more success you get, or the more wealth, or whatever it is, it never seems to satisfy like you want. God has set it up so we realize that HE is the biggest blessing. Just to know him, to love him. It’s what changed my life 11 years ago, and what continues to change my life now.” That decade of life change follows a dark valley in Mattson’s life, when he was addicted to drugs and alcohol. he found freedom during a mission trip to the Dominican Republic, and he heralds each new day as a chance to learn anew the sufficiency of God’s grace. A series of songs tells his story, and the story of so many who find new life in Christ. Who You Are marks the first step, when we come to the cross and realize we can be changed. Next, in Lift My Life Up, we encounter the step of surrender, saying to God, “have your way in me.” Then, we let God do his great work in us, and he starts a fire in our souls that cannot be quenched. The song Start a Fire is already kindling excitement in listeners and motivating them to live out a series of Scriptural truths. As he started writing the powerful song, Lowry drew from Matthew, 2 Timothy, and James to exhort listeners to stir up and rekindle the fire that’s in us, to keep burning the gracious gift of God, Mattson says, “Our desire for that song is that we wouldn’t settle in our salvation, but that we keep an open heart for what God wants to do through us. Continuing the theme is another song of bold encouragement, Good Fight. Unspoken gets a groove on as the lyrics speak God’s truth: I’m never gonna leave you, always gonna see you through to the other side/ keep fighting the good fight.” The tempo slows on the next track, as the album reflects on the essential element in this journey of faith in Call it Grace: ” Some may call it foolish and impossible/ but for every heart it rescues it’s a miracle/ it’s nothing less than scandalous, this love that took our place/ Just call it what it is. Call it Grace, Untimely, we need daily discipline to stay close to God, because we are unsteady while he is unchanging. Tomorrow is a fresh look at a new day, and a new chance to leave the future in the hands of God. It’s only when we seek God first that everything falls into place, and our fears for the future vanish. The concept is also cleverly expressed in Bury the Workmen. “We were in a church service,” Lowery recalls, “when the pastor said this quote, ‘Bury the workmen, but the work will go on.’ It reminds me of Mark 13:31, which says heaven and earth will pass away but this world will remain forever,” The idea became a powerful blues song that chronicles the work of Stephen, James, Peter, and ultimately Jesus, and the eternity of God. When the band didn’t feel like their production of the track was fully expressing the roots of the song, they decided to gather around a mic in the studio and record it live all together. What you hear is that raw session, with all its hand claps and harmonica wails. “It’s kind of like an anthem for the church,” Lowery notes, ” as being part of something that’s bigger than ourselves. Death can’t stop it. It goes on whether or not we are there to do it, or someone else. Triumph in life, and triumph and death.” “Unspoken” closes with a stirring ballad that punctuates the journey from darkness to light. My Recovery is the story of redemption for anyone who, Like Mattson, has been rescued from a dark past. Mattson speaks from experience: James 4:8 says, ‘ Draw near to God, and God will draw near to you.’ It’s letting God do his part. Lay yourself at God’s feet and God will do the changing. There’s no way you can have a relationship with Jesus Christ and not be in recovery, because that’s what HIS spirit does.” Acclaimed songwriter Andrew Osenga co-wrote the song with the band back when they’d first arrived in Nashville. ” he was gracious enough to write with a no-named band,” Mattson recalls. ” We were talking through this idea, and I’m telling my story. We had come up with these verses– ‘ There was a light that found me in darkness, failing and hopeless, barely alive’– but we had no chorus. Andy looked up after we were talking through all that and just sang the whole chorus, right there.” Much has changed since those early days when band mates from three different countries started sharing their hearts in music. Through it all, the reason they chose their name still holds: to live lives that are unspoken testimonies to God’s love and power, and to speak what oftentimes goes unspoken. In those paired desires are born songs of hope that celebrate the journey of every believer and provide a bright hope for each new day.

ATV Rodeo

Registration for all ATV Rodeo Events
  • 5PM – 6PM  – Motor Sports Arena
  • Rodeo may begin at or before 6PM (upon completion of all registrations)
  • $10 Entry/Registration Fee (per class)
  • 50% Payback of premiums in each class
Youth Sport Class
  • Model 125-349 / Model 350 – up
Utility Class:
  • Model 125-400 / Model 401-500 / Model 501 – up
  • Barrel Race
  • Mud Pit & Obstacle Course
  • Squeeze Race
  • Speed Race
Chairperson: Roger Hubbard
For information call: (276) 701-0839, (276) 202-3573, (276) 889-2102 or (276) 889-1417

Draft Horse Pull







NO Entry Fee

  • This event is filled with a large variety of activities.
  • Each activity and registration fee is listed separately.
  • The event will continue until the final activity is complete.
  • These events will be held at the Horse Show Arena


  • Light Weight Pulling Horses
  • Heavy Weight Pulling Horses


  •    1st – $500.00
  •   2nd – $400.00
  •    3rd – $350.00
  •    4th – $300.00
  •    5th – $250.00
  •    6th – $200.00
  •    7th – $150.00
  •    8th – $100.00
  •    9th – $100.00
  • 10th – $100.00

*A minimum of $50.00 paid to any participating team. * 12 Month Negative Coggins are required for all horses.

Halter Beef Show Judging

This event will be held in the Livestock Barn

  • Show will end after final judging (could be before or after 5 PM)
  • Release at 9 PM


  • Angus
  • Hereford
  • Simmental
  • Gelvieh
  • Crossbreed
  • Other


  • 1st $25.00
  • 2nd $20.00
  • 3rd $16.00
  • 4th $12.00
  • 5th $10.00


  • Junior Heifer Calves (03/01/16 – later)
  • Junior Heifer Calves (01/01/16 – 02/28/16)
  • Late Senior Heifer Calves (11/01/15 – 12/31/15)
  • Early Senior Heifer Calves (09/01/15 – 10/31/15)
  • Late Summer Yearling Calves (07/01/15 – 08/31/15)
  • Early Summer Yearling Calves (05/01/15 – 06/30/15)
  • April Junior Yearling Calves (04/01/15 – 04/30/15)
  • March Junior Yearling Calves (03/01/15 – 03/31/15)
  • Early Junior Yearling Calves (01/01/15 – 02/28/15)
  • Senior Yearling Heifers (09/01/14 – 12/31/14)
  • Junior Showmanship
  • Senior Showmanship
  • Bull Calf (After 01/01/16)
  • Bull Calf (09/01/15 – 12/31/15)
  • Cow/Calf Pairs
  • Junior Champion
  • Senor Champion
  • Grand Champion
  • Supreme Champion – Female
  • Halter Steers
  • Premium Exhibitor

*Junior Livestock Exhibitor will be given 2 FREE Passes for entry to fair at registration. They will then be reimbursed the ticket fee paid at the front gate. Please see all General Rules and Regulations.

Livestock Schedule

2016 – Livestock Barn ~ September 2nd – 10th

Saturday, September 3rd
  • 12:00 PM Register Halter Beef Cattle & Dairy Heifers
  • 1:00 PM Junior Dairy Show Judging
  • 3:00 PM Beef Show Judging
  • 6:00 PM 4-H Youth Poultry Show & Sale
  • 9:00 PM Release Beef Cattle, Dairy Heifers & Poultry
Tuesday, September 6th
  • 3:00 – 7:00 PM Register Goats
  • 7:00 PM Goat Show
  • 8:00 PM Myotonic Fainting Goat Show
  • 9:00 PM Release Goats
Wednesday, September 7th
  • 6:00 PM Alpaca/ Llama Show
Thursday, September 8th
  • 1:00 PM Register Pen Cattle
  • 2:00 PM Judging of Pen Cattle
  • 4:30 PM Registration for “Horseless” Cowboy Contets
  • 5:00 PM “Horseless” Cowboy Contest
  • 7:00 PM Rabbit Show
  • 9:00 PM Release Pen Cattle
Friday, September 9th
  • 5:00 PM Register Hair Sheep
  • 6:00 PM Hair Sheep Show
Saturday, September 10th
  • 9:00 AM Breeding Sheep Show
  • 11:00 AM Commercial Sheep Show
  • 12:00 PM 4-H Market Lamb Registration
  • 2:00 PM Lead Line & Costume Class / Lamb & Wool on Parade
  • 2:30 PM 4-H Market Lamb Show
  • 6:00 PM 4-H Market Hog Show
  • 9:00 PM Release all Sheep & 4-H Lambs


Open Horse Show

Saturday, September 10th

Beginning at 3:00 PM


Entry Fee $10.00 on all classes except for classes 42 -48 entry fee for those is $25.00

  1. Best Groomed Pony/Horse (any breed, exhibitor 18 years & under)
  2. Juvenile Showmanship (exhibitor 18 years & under) Western in Halter & English in Bridle
  3. Juvenile Beginners English or Western (exhibitor 18 years & under) No cross entry of rider in any performance class- Walk & Pleasure Gait
  4. Juvenile Go As You Please (exhibitor 12 years & under)
  5. Juvenile Go As You Please (exhibitor 13-18 years)
  6. Lead Line with Ground Assistance (exhibitor 10 years & under) Walk/Pleasure Gait with Ground Assistance
  7. Juvenile Racking Non-Saddlebred ( English or Western Attire)
  8. Juvenile Ambling Country Pleasure (exhibitor 17 years & under, all breeds, flat shod, 2 gaits, no canter and no bands)
  9. Go As You Please Ponies
  10.  Ladies Racking Country Pleasure ( English or Western & Flat Shod)
  11. Juvenile Country Pleasure (exhibitor 17 years & under, all breeds, flat shod, walk & pleasure gaits and bands allowed)
  12. Juvenile Country Racking Ponies (14.2 & under)
  13. Men’s Racking Country Pleasure (English or Western & Flat Shod)
  14. Go As You Please
  15. Open Pleasure Driving
  16. Juvenile Flat Shod Racking
  17. Juvenile Pacing
  18. Lead Line
  19. Juvenile Trail Pleasure Racking ( English or Western, 3/8 x 3/4′ exhibitor 18 years & under)
  20. Ladies Ambling Country Pleasure (exhibitor 18 years & over, all breeds, flat shod, 2 gaits, no canter and no bands)
  21. Flat Shod Racking
  22. Costume Class
  23. Ladies Country Pleasure ( English or Western and Walk & Pleasure Gait)
  24. Stick Horse Class
  25. Ladies Trail Pleasure Racking ( English or Western) 3/8 x 3/4
  26. Style Pacing
  27. Men’s Racking ( English Attire)
  28. Spotted Country Pleasure ( flat shod, 2 gaits, no canter and bands allowed)
  29. Buggy Class
  30. Keg Shod Racking
  31. Juvenile Go As You Please
  32. Ladies Racking (English Attire)
  33. Men’s Ambling Country Pleasure (exhibitor 18 years & over, all breeds, 2 gaits, no canter & flat shod)
  34. Style Racking Flat Shod (English Attire)
  35. Men’s Trail Pleasure Racking (English or Western) 3/8 x 3/4
  36. Three- Gaited English Show Pleasure
  37. Country Saddle English or Western ( 3 Gaits & Max Shoe 3/8 x 3/4)
  38. Men’s Country Pleasure ( Walk & Pleasure Gait and Bands Allowed)
  39. ASB Open Racking
  40. Speed Racking (English Attire)
  41. Open Racking Country Pleasure ( English or Western & Flat Shod)
  42. Open Trail Pleasure Racking ( English or Western & Flat Shod
  43. Five Gaited English Show Pleasure
  44. Open Ambling Country Pleasure ( all breeds, 2 gaits, no canter, flat shod, no bands) J.B. Stewart Family Memorial Trophy
  45. Road Pony
  46. Open Country Pleasure ( English or Western -Walk & Pleasure Gait & Bands allowed)
  47. Open Racking ( English Attire)
  48. Open Pacing


Open Western Pleasure Horse Show

Friday, September 9th

Beginning at 6:00 PM
** Long Sleeve Shirts Required in all Speed Classes**

Entry Fee $10.00 on all classes except for Open Western Pleasure and Open Barrel Race and it’s a $25.00 entry fee

Judge: John Banks

  1. Lead Line
  2. Western Halter Weanlings & Yearlings
  3. Western  Halter ( 2 & 3 year olds)
  4. Western Halter ( 5 years & older)
  5. Open Western Halter
  6. Miniature Horse Halter (38″ & under)
  7. Most Colorful Horse at Halter
  8. Showmanship at Halter (exhibitor 18 years & under)
  9. Juvenile Beginners Western (exhibitor 12 years & under, walk & jog, no canter, no cross entry of rider in any other performance class)
  10. Juvenile Beginners Western (exhibitor 13-18 years, walk & jog, no canter, no cross entry of rider in any other performance class)
  11. Costume Class
  12. Paint Horse Western Pleasure
  13. Juvenile Pole Bending (exhibitor 18 years & under)
  14. Open Pole Bending
  15. Western Pleasure- Walk/Jog & no cross entry
  16. Rescue Race
  17. Amateur Western Pleasure
  18. Youth Pony Barrel (50″ & under) exhibitor 12 years & under
  19. Youth Barrel Race (exhibitor 12 years & under)
  20. Juvenile Barrel Race (exhibitor 13-18 years)
  21. Ladies Barrel Race (exhibitor 19 years & over)
  22. Men’s Barrel Race (exhibitor 19 years & over)
  23. Juvenile Western Pleasure (exhibitor 18 years & under)- Robert Blair Memorial Trophy
  24. Ladies Western Pleasure (exhibitor 19 years & over)
  25. Reining Class (pattern to be announced)
  26. Men’s Western Pleasure (exhibitor 19 years & over)
  27. Speed Race
  28. Potato Race
  29. Quarter Horse Western Pleasure- Rio Grande Perpetual Memorial Trophy
  30. Open Western Pleasure Ralph Fields Perpetual Memorial Trophy
  31. Open Barrel Race



Russell County Horse Show

Thursday, September 8th at 6:00 PM

Open to Russell County Horses and Riders Only

Sponsored by: Farm Bureau Insurance

Entry Fee $5.00 on all classes except Lead Line and
Stick Horse Class

  1. Lead Line
  2. Open Halter (12 mo.& under)
  3. Open Halter ( 2 year olds)
  4. Beginners on Ponies (14.2 & under)
  5. Juvenile Go As You Please (18 years & under)
  6. Racking Ponies- Bernard Hart Memorial Trophy
  7. Beginners on Horses- “My Pleasure” Perpetual Trophy
  8. Stick Horse Class
  9. Style Racking (Saddlebred)- Carlos “Spud” Turner Memorial Trophy
  10. Open Go As You Please
  11. Juvenile Western Pleasure (18 years & under)
  12. Flat Shod Racking
  13. Costume Class
  14. Style Pacing
  15. Country Racking
  16. Youth English Pleasure ( 12 years & under)
  17. Youth Barrel Race (12 years & under)
  18. Juvenile Barrels
  19. Spotted Country Pleasure
  20. Juvenile Plantation Pleasure (18 years & under)
  21. Ladies Pacing
  22. Driving Class
  23. Open Western Pleasure
  24. Keg Shod Racking
  25. Egg and Spoon
  26. Trail Pleasure Racking- Rick Hart Memorial Trophy
  27. Rescue Race- C.A. Pratt Memorial Trophy
  28. Men’s Pacing
  29. Open English Pleasure Horses
  30. Plantation Country Pleasure
  31. Pole Bending
  32. Utility Class- Buddy & Peggy Taylor Memorial Trophy
  33. Open Barrell Race
  34. Open Racking (Saddlebred or Non-Saddlebred)
  35. Speed Race
  36. Open Country Pleasure
  37. Open Pacing- Russell County Fair Challenge Trophy




Clothing-Adult Exhibits

Home Economic Building


  1. Clothing will be judged for material used, design color, workmanship, economy and practicality.
  2. Only one entry per person per class.
  3. All entries must have been made by exhibitor within the last year. (Chairman has the right to reject previous entries).

Class Prize Award:
1st- $3
3rd- $1


  1. Apron
  2. Blouse, Adult
  3. Dress, Child
  4. Dress, Designer’s
  5. Dress, Street
  6. Dress and Jacket
  7. Dress, Sun
  8. Dress, Party
  9. Poncho or Cape
  10. Coats, Any Kind
  11. Blazer
  12. Vest
  13. Skirt
  14. Suit, Ladies
  15. Pants
  16. Men’s Sports Coat or Suit
  17. Shirt
  18. Romper Suit
  19. Country Jumper
  20. Hand Painting, Clothing
  21. Applique, Any Item
  22. Hand Towel for Stove
  23. Clothes Pin Bag
  24. Totes or Handbag
  25. Miscellaneous
  • Best In Show
  • Rosette

Jean Wallace
Jimmy Gay Meade

Baked Goods- Adult Exhibits

Home Economics Building


  • In general, baked goods will be judged for appearance, crust condition, texture and flavor.
  • Entries are to be put in zip lock bags when possible. Example: cookies, muffins, biscuits, candy and other entries can use clear wrap.
  • When necessary, baked goods will be opened for determination of texture and flavor.
  • Adult and Youth Foods- In all cake classes except decorated cake entries should be 1/2 cake instead of a whole cake.


  • A general listing of classes include the following:
    • Bread
    • Biscuits
    • Cornbread
    • Corn Stick or Muffin
    • Sweet Rolls
    • Yeast Rolls
    • Sourdough Bread
    • Bread Machine
    • Sweet Bread
    • Yeast Bread
    • Cake
    • Cupcakes
    • Brownies
    • Cookies
    • Fudge
    • Seafoam
    • Candies
    • Pie (NO Custard or Cream)
  • Class Prize Awards:
    • 1st – $3.00
    • 2nd – $2.00
    • 3rd – $1.00
    • Rosette
    • Best in Show
  • All Entries may be viewed 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM September 7th – September 12th.

Callie Moser
Dollie Compton

Canned Food/Adult Exhibits

Home Economics Building


  • All exhibits must be in clean, heat-treated, standard canning jars with new lids and rings. Rusty lids, peanut butter, mayonnaise or pickle jars will not be accepted.
  • An exhibitor may make only one entry in each lot. Different members of the same family cannot make duplicate entries in the same lot. Should any article be entered in the wrong class, the superintendent may make proper correction of entry.
  • Articles that have been entered should be canned within the year.
  • All entries must be made in the name of the producer. Must pass proper test for seal used.
  • No 1/2 gallon cans accepted.
  • A general listing of classes includes the following forms of canned food:
    • Apples
    • Applesauce
    • Blackberries
    • Cherries
    • Grape Juice
    • Peaches
    • Pears
    • Other Fruit
    • Cold Pack Meats
    • Canned Meats
    • Meats
    • Vegetables
    • Beans
    • Carrots
    • Corn
    • Greens
    • Peas
    • Sauerkraut
    • Soup Mixture
    • Tomatoes
    • Tomato Juice
    • Jelly (Apple, Blackberry, Grape, Raspberry, Peach, Other)
    • Jams (Blackberry, Raspberry, Other)
    • Preserves (Peach, Strawberry, Other)
    • Fruit Butter (Apple, Other)
    • Pickled (Beets, Bread & Butter Pickles, Crystal, Dill, Sweet Cucumber, Dilly Beans, Mixed Pickles, Peppers, Pickles)
    • Relishes & Sauces (Pickles, Salsa, Spaghetti Sauce, Sauce, Chow-Chow, Other)
  • Class Prizes:
    • 1st – $3.00
    • 2nd – $2.00
    • 3rd – $1.00
    • Rosette
    • Best in Show
  • All entries may be viewed from 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM – September 7th – September 12th.

Pat Gray
Peggy Keith

“Preserving the good things of life because you can”