September 1st

7:00 Thomas Taylor

8:00 Victor Lawson and Boogie Chillen

Saturday, Sept. 2nd

7:00 Thomas Taylor

8:00 The Great Big Hug

Monday, September 4th

7:00 Thomas Taylor

8:00 If Birds Could Fly

Tuesday, Sept. 5th

7:00 Morgan Culbertson

8:00 Midnight Gypsys

Wednesday, Sept. 6th

7:00 Morgan Culbertson

8:00 Coal Camp

Thursday, Sept. 7

6:00 The Hubbard Family

6:30 Chris Holder & Journey Home

7:15 The Jackson Family

8:00 The Inspirations

Friday, Sept. 8th

7:00 Dan Deel

8:00 “Red Neckin Love Makin Night” CONWAY TWITTY Tribute

Saturday, Sept. 9th

7:00 Thomas Taylor

8:00 Marques Puckett and 8 Second Ride

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