Officers and Board of Directors


  • President – Donna Sproles
  • Vice President, Maintenance/Rentals- Mike Hamilton
  • Vice President, Operations – Roger Hubbard
  • Secretary – Jeanne Hubbard
  • Treasurer – Karen Salyers

Five-Year Directors:       

  1. Doro Martin, Lebanon
  2. Patsy Phillips, Castlewood
  3. Robin Blevins, Lebanon
  4. Wayne Collins, Castlewood

Four-Year Directors

  1. Thomas Taylor, Honaker
  2. Angie Carpenter, Lebanon
  3. Bruce Warner, Lebanon
  4. Robert Farmer, Rosedale

Three-Year Directors:

  1. Mike Hamilton, Castlewood
  2. Linda Hubbard, Lebanon
  3. Darlene Austin, Castlewood
  4. Brandon Nuckles, Honaker

Two-Year Directors:

  1. Katie Hankins Nuckles, Honaker
  2. Michael Moore, Lebanon
  3. Roy Couch, Castlewood
  4. Bill Vicars, Nicklesville

One-Year Directors:

  1. Farrell Owens, Honaker
  2. Angie Gibson, Castlewood
  3. Josh Combs, Honaker
  4. Nancy Perkins, Honaker

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