Helen Owens
Diana Riggs
Carolyn Farley

(See General Rules and Regulations)


1. Each specimen must be handwork of the exhibitor or produced by him and shown in the proper division or class.

2. Crafts will be judged for appearance, design or pattern, color and workmanship.

3. One entry per class, per person.

4. Previously entered will not be accepted. 5. If there is a class for the item to be entered, it cannot go in miscellaneous.


1st – $3
2nd – $2
3rd – $1


1. Ceramics, molded, glazed, painted, stained (any size)
2. Pottery Thrown Hand Form
3. Christmas Decoration (table)
4. Decoration (Table)
5. Christmas Stocking
6. Christmas Decoration (all other)
7. Holiday Decorations (other than Christmas)
8. Flower Arrangements (Silk or other artificial)
9. Craft, native material
10. Handmade Flowers and Fruit
11. Stuffed Animals and Toys
12. Woodwork (small)
13. Woodwork, house furnishing, practical
14. Woodcarving and sculpturing
15. Hand-painting, crafts
16. Tole Painting (any item)
17. Wreath-Christmas
18. Wreath – (all others)
19. Basket, any size
20. Jewelry, handmade
21. Plastic Canvas
22. Baskets (decorative)
23. Decorative Hats
24. Mosaic (any size)
25. Recycled Craft (any item)
26. Birdhouses
27. Scrap-booking
28. Art Dolls
29. Miscellaneous

Best-in Show — Rosette


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